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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ruth Is a Babe 

I've always had a soft spot for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, despite her shortcomings, because one of my favorite law school professors clerked for her. That's why this story from two days ago (thanks for all the followup, you guys!) caught my eye:
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Tuesday that a Republican proposal in Congress to set up a watchdog over the federal courts is a "really scary idea."

Ginsburg told a gathering of the American Bar Association that lawyers should stick up for judges when they are criticized by congressional leaders.

"My sense now is that the judiciary is under assault in a way that I haven't seen before," she said.

As an example, she mentioned proposals by senior Republicans who want an inspector general to police judges' acceptance of free trips or their possible financial interests with groups that could appear before them.

"It sounds to me very much like the Soviet Union was .... That's a really scary idea," said Ginsburg, who was put on the court by President Clinton and is one of its liberal members.

...well, sure, by comparison to Fat Tony. Anyway, the idea of one co-equal branch of the federal government "policing" another by any extra-constitutional means ought to scare everyone, regardless of ideology. Has anybody in the government bothered to read the Constitution lately?

By the way, speaking of old law school memories, I see that my Criminal Procedure prof is running for Congress. Sharp guy. He has my endorsement, whatever that's worth.




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