"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." (Mark Twain)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fecal Matter - Some Call It Offal; We Call It Tax Deductable 

ExxonMobil and its friends, operating collectively under the name "the Competitive Enterprise Institute," has produced an unintentionally hilarious TV spot (QuickTime) stating that carbon dioxide is a wonderful thing because, after all, we excrete it. Really, that's their message. Their tagline is "carbon dioxide - some call it pollution; we call it life."

Imagine the possibilities:
Perspiration - some call it "sweat;" we call it "nature's Gatorade."

Dead skin cells - some call it dust; we call it an excellent source of protein for the poor.

Urine - some call it "pee;" we call it an excellent way to sign your name in the snow.

And speaking of snow, a second spot produced by CEI claims that the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps are actually growing. Oh, really? From NASA (emphasis supplied):
Based on recent research using NASA's airborne laser altimeter, scientists have identified pronounced thinning of Greenland's ice cap. In the following animation [warning - MPEG], blues indicate areas where the loss of ice is greatest, and yellows indicate regions that are apparently thickening. Gray areas indicate no significant change in ice thickness there. Notice how the thinning is most severe at the coasts. As ice melts near the edges, it gives up moisture to the slightly warmer air around it. That air rises to higher altitudes inland and the moisture precipitates out as snow, increasing inland elevations. Thus, a slight thickening in the interior supports observations of a greater net loss to the overall sum of Greenland's ice cap.

To sum up: The Competitive Enterprise Institute - some call it dangerous; I call it dangerous and stupid.




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