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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Truthiness From the AP 

Rush Limbaugh's favorite Associated Press reporter, Nedra Pickler, actually commits some decent journalism in her latest offering. Unfortunately, she leads with a lie:
President Bush's claim three years ago that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq was based on U.S. intelligence that was later proved false, the White House acknowledged on Wednesday.

The emphasized portion (my doing) is flatly wrong. The intelligence was not "later proved false;" it was known to be false at the time - as the remainder of the article makes clear:
The Washington Post reported Wednesday that experts on a Pentagon-sponsored mission who examined the trailers concluded that they had nothing to do with biological weapons and sent their findings to Washington in a classified field report on May 27, 2003.

One day later, the CIA and DIA publicly issued an assessment saying the opposite — that U.S. officials were confident that the trailers were used to produce biological weapons. The assessment said the mobile facilities represented "the strongest evidence to date that Iraq was hiding a biological warfare program."

The very next day, Bush declared in a Polish television interview, "We have found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories."

Read this passage carefully. Experts on the ground, the people who actually examined the trailers, reported on May 27 that they were not mobile biolabs. On May 28, the intelligence agencies publicly reported the exact opposite of what they had been told, and on May 29 the Empty Flight Suit repeated the lie. Nevertheless, the Whitewash House continues to play the victim:
McClellan dismissed the Post article and a report based on it that aired on ABC News Wednesday morning as irresponsible. He specifically called on ABC to apologize for reporting Bush knew that what he was saying was false.

It must be admitted, however, that not everything that comes out of Little Scottie's mouth is bunk - earlier in the article, he is quoted as saying something absolutely true:
"The White House is not an intelligence-gathering agency," McClellan said.

No one could argue with that. The facts clearly show that the Whitewash House hasn't gathered a bit of intelligence ever since the Mayberry Machiavellis assumed power.




thats 1 out of 3 groups said there was no wmd,the other two groups said there was wmd. so what the hell is going on?
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