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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Conservative Ethics 

I don't visit the wingnutosphere very often; I allow others to do my dirty work. Thus, I found this gem from The Corner (link here, if you simply must) via Holden at First Draft:
REFORMED [Jon Derbyshire]

A couple of readers to this effect: "Aren't you a bit embarrassed to be laying in to illegal immigrants, having confessed that you yourself were once an illegal immigrant?"

[Derb] No. I look on it as being sort of like the reformed drunk at a temperance meeting.

Besides, there's INSIDE and OUTSIDE. I can recall thinking, as an i-i, that Americans were kind of naive about immigration. Since the naivety was to my personal advantage, I didn't complain. AS AN AMERICAN, and having jumped through all the darn immigration hoops at last (seven years to Green Card, nine more to citizenship), I'm entitled to another point of view.




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