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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Best Defense 

Okay, this is from the New York Post, so it's probably nonsense - but if there's even a germ of truth to it, it's an outrage:
A high-ranking Pentagon official has been snooping around Hillary and Bill Clinton's personal financial records, The Post has learned....

U.S. Joint Forces Command Deputy Legislative Director Cordell Francis dug through Clinton's records a week after news broke last month that Bill had advised Dubai leaders on how to navigate U.S. political concerns over its ports deal, Senate records show.

Francis was required to register his personal data with the Senate in order to access Clinton's records. The Post reviewed a list of people who had accessed the senator's documents....

Exactly what Francis was searching for, and who told him to do it, remains a mystery.

He did not return phone calls from The Post.

Of course, since it's from the Post, the full article contains the usual allotment of snide, Clinton-bashing asides - the former President is actually referred to as "Bubba" at one point; I kid you not - which, in my eyes, makes the gist of it even more damning.

Update: Oops - I forgot to credit The Left Coaster for the link.




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