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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Last Random Ten 

Okay, so my recent existential crisis seems to be subsiding a bit - thanks to those who commented, e-mailed, and (in one instance) cornered me in meatspace to say that I ought to quit whining and get back to writing. One thought: Nothing says "we like you; we really like you!" quite like a hit on the ol' PayPal donation button. Just sayin'.

But there will be some changes around here, and one of them will be a lack of Friday Random Ten postings. Not that I will stop writing about music on Fridays - far from it - but I will be doing something a bit different, starting next week.

Anyway, here's the last Random Ten:
1. "Fire" (Ohio Players)
2. "I Don't Want to Fall In Love" (Sam Phillips)
3. "Not Proud of the USA" (Mice)
4. "A Message to You Rudy" (Specials)
5. "Love and Affection" (Joan Armitrading)
6. "Big Rock Candy Mountain" (Haywire Mac)
7. "More Than This" (Roxy Music)
8. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Grateful Dead)
9. "Smile a Little Smile For Me" (Flying Machine)
10. "Goo Goo Muck" (Cramps)

And that, as they say, is that.




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