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Monday, March 13, 2006

I've Called; Have You? 

As urged by Atrios (and others), I have called my senators' offices and asked their position, if any, on Sen. Feingold's proposed censure of the Empty Flight Suit. For the record, neither Sen. Murray nor Sen. Cantwell has yet announced a position, so I took the next step - after politely mentioning that I am a constituent, I politely suggested that the good Senators support Feingold's motion, and in fact I politely suggested that they consider co-sponsoring it. Did I mention that I was polite? You should be too, when (not if!) you make a similar call to your own senators. Do it now.

Unless, of course, you think it unwise to do so. Shaun at Upper Left has a thoughtful post up about why he thinks this a bad idea. I disagree with everything he has to say, but it's a serious expression of the opposing viewpoint that is worth your consideration. Before you call. Politely.

Update: I forgot to mention that it only makes sense to call Democratic senators - it makes about as much sense to call Joke of the Day as to call any Republican senator (or Joe Lieberman) on this subject. If your state is represented in the Senate by Republicans only, just call Harry Reid, instead, at (202)224-3542.




Both Senators offices got a call from me, both in Washington City and Seattle. Cantwell's offices sounded a little impatient with the process of having to deal with it, but I could be projecting. certainly I won't hold my breath on her position, but Murray might just do the right thing.
And letting your reps know how you feel shouldn't just be for those "if they agree with you" issues. By God, if the republican congresspeople knew that their constituents how angry they were about illegal spying, they might just move to put a little daylight between themselves and the White House.
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