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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogged Down 

What you're doing isn't working. You need a good plan.
- Fred (Cameron Dye) to Randy (Nicholas Cage), in Valley Girl

The alert reader - that's you - will have noticed that I haven't posted a thing in well over a week. Fact is, my heart just isn't in it.

I've been at this thing for more than two years now, and let's review the bidding: Two years ago, America was foundering in Iraq; today, America is foundering in Iraq. Two years ago, civil liberties were in dire peril; today, civil liberties are in even more dire peril. Two years ago, Afghanistan was quietly descending ever deeper into chaos; today, Afghanistan is quietly descending ever deeper into chaos (but at least the heroin business is improving). Two years ago, fundamentalist numbskulls were threatening to hold America hostage with their hateful agenda of intolerance and idiocy; today - well:
Welcome to South Dakota, where the men are men and the women are chattel!

For two years now, I've been preaching to the choir - and a very small choir it is. More like two drunks singing at each other under a lamppost at three in the morning. Frankly, it doesn't seem like a very good use of my time any more, or of yours.

I don't know what I ever thought I was accomplishing here. I always figured that, at the very least, I was working on my writing skills - but lately it's come to my attention that linking to fun articles in the news (like this one, about a mayoral candidate in Florida who is threatening to sue the person responsible spreading the admittedly true story of the time the candidate got mad and smeared dog shit on his neighbor), and providing a sentence or two of snarky comment, is unlikely to help me become the next Hemmingway. Also, it's not very satisfying any more.

So - what to do?

I don't know. Maybe I just need to take a break. Maybe I need to refocus, and work on writing more thoughtful, substantial essays without worrying about the frequency of posting. Maybe I need to make this blog a place where I work on my comedic writing, and release more serious content elsewhere (a DKos diary, perhaps).

Or maybe I just need to pack it in.

I'll be thinking about this stuff in the days ahead, and I would love some input if you have any input to offer. I'm leaving this post by itself on the main page, and comments are open. If you have an opinion, please share it - if no one has an opinion to share, well, I guess that's a data point to consider. In any event, thanks for reading this far, and have a lovely day. Just don't get any dog shit smeared on you, okay?




This will certainly result in my missing lots of interesting news. I'll also miss out on some surprising bits of information, such as the almost unthinkable possibility that there may be a David Cassidy album that's actually good.

It's probably a good idea to consider posting deeper stuff less frequently. There are plenty of blogs that link to news, but few that attempt to pull it all together in the context of a well-thought-out world view.

I'll keep watching this space.
Me too. I've only recently come aboard, but found this space worthwhile in that short time since. Take a deep breath, find your center and get back on the saddle. Post less often if you will, but keep the conversation going.
I'd hate to see you stop. You have done a great job here. I understand all too well how exasperating this all can be, though. I think keeping a sense of humor despite it all is essential, so comedic writing may prove a good outlet.

Every tidal wave is made up of drops of water, Rod.

Your contribution to the good of all by spreading the word is invaluable. My vote is for you to keep going, though I can understand why you may choose to stop.

Larry B.
I for one would be highly bummed if you were to stop posting. This is actually one of the few blogs in my blog list that I check daily. Your writing is good. I don't know why you get so few comments posted -- I imagine that if you did, the blog might be more rewarding -- but I am constantly awed and shamed by the quality and quantity of posts you write. Meanwhile, I have trouble remembering to post a Random Ten occasionally on my own blog.

If you decided to write more humor, or more pop culture stuff, that would be ok too; I know it would be a lot of fun to read. And if you need to post less to stay sane, that's what you need to do. But I hope that whatever you do, you keep writing here.
(OK, when I said I check daily... this week was an exception. I'm behind on all my reading this week, or I would have posted here sooner. But if I read blogs at all on any given day, I check this one.)
Maybe you should consider being part of a group blog you're compatible with, so you can write less frequently without dropping off your fans' radar screen.
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