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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Asked and Answered 

Some creature calling itself Adele Fergusen has written in the Kitsap Peninsula [WA] Business Journal thusly:
Why do blacks continue to support Democrats?

One of these days before I die, I hope to see a shift in the attitudes of so many of my black brothers and sisters in this great country we share, from perpetual victimhood, to pride in their achievements on the road from slave to American citizen.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s story about the kid who had to shovel a huge pile of manure? He went about it with such joy he was asked why and said, “With all that manure, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.”

The pony hidden in slavery is the fact that it was the ticket to America for black people. I have long urged blacks to consider their presence here as the work of God, who wanted to bring them to this raw, new country and used slavery to achieve it. A harsh life, to be sure, but many immigrants suffered hardships and indignations as indentured servants. Their descendants rose above it. You don’t hear them bemoaning their forebears’ life the way some blacks can’t rise above the fact theirs were slaves.

Adele Fergusen asks why African Americans remain overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party, and then answers that very question: African Americans remain overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party because so many Republicans spew ignorant, racist bile like this.

Gen. J.C. Christian has more, as does Hominid Views:
A bad metaphor aside, if I understand her point, it is that God’s great gift to Africans was to kidnap them, brand ‘em as property with red-hot irons, pack them into ships without enough room to even lie down, living in their own piss and shit, while sailing to the “promise of America” where they were treated like property, their families were broken-up, their women were [raped], their children taken away and sold, where they were beaten (sometimes to death), poor, and uneducated for a number of generations, finally to have freedom granted to them — freedoms with no education, few possessions, no land ownership, no right to vote, and broken kin support networks.

Yeah…that promise.

Thanks, God! You’re a real pal.

Yeah, but what if there's a pony?!? Then it's all good, right?




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