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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Democrat Calls For Censure of the President 

This is making the rounds today - Atrios has it, as does firedoglake - but as near as I can tell Busy, Busy, Busy had the scoop first. It seems that Sen. Diane Feinstein (D - Allegedly) introduced a motion for censure of the President, and it is scathing:
* Whereas [the] president of the United States, deliberately misled and deceived the American people, and people in all branches of the United States government;

* Whereas [the president's] conduct in this matter is unacceptable for a president of the United States, does demean the office of the president as well as the president himself, and creates disrespect for laws of the land;

* Whereas [the president] fully deserves censure for engaging in such behavior;

* Whereas future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but also bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect;

Good stuff. Only one problem - the motion was introduced in February, 1999, and the President whose mendacity so outraged Our Princess Di was Bill Clinton. Faced with Sen. Feingold's resolution of censure for the Empty Flight Suit, however, the response so far from the Senior Senator from the Great State of California has been:
[crickets chirping]

Please, remind me again how the Democrats don't suck.

Update: By way of Liberal Oasis, I just learned that Sen. Feinstein had a number of co-sponsors for her resolution, among them 19 Democrats, including my own Sen. Patty Murray (who is usually one of the good guys). You can bet that I mentioned her co-sponsorship in the fax I sent her today on the topic. You might want to do the same if your own Democratic senator was among Feinstein's co-sponsors in 1999. Also, all mad props to Sen. Tom Harkin (D - Vertebrate), who has just signed on as Sen. Feingold's first co-sponsor.




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