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Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl Preview: What To Drink 

Football and beer - they go together like pizza and beer, pretzels and beer, or beer and beer (with a beer chaser). So, what beer should you be drinking on Sunday? It was the Question of the Day at PSoTD yesterday, and here's what I wrote in response:
I will be treating myself to an assortment of locally produced microbrews, including (but not limited to) Red Hook ESB, Elysian Wise ESB, Maritime Pacific Imperial Pale Ale, and Hale's Drawbridge Blonde.

And that's just the pre-game lineup!

Obviously, I am not qualified to suggest a similar range of options for Steelers fans, but I'm told that Iron City is quite good - if you like that kind of thing.

So, tell me - what will you be drinking?




As for Pennsylvania brews, I'm a big fan of Yuengling, particularly their Porter.
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