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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jerry Lee Lewis Wept 

Good grief, what's the world coming to when Americans can't even count on being allowed to marry children in Kansas anymore?
State lawmakers are taking steps to set to modify the minimum age for Kansas residents to get married. All but one member voted in favor of the bill.

Right now, Kansas law allows people as young as 12-years-old to get married with a parent or judge's consent. The House has given approval on a bill that would change the minimum age to 16 with parental approval and 18 without it.

The bill passed 121-1. Representative Bonnie Huy of Wichita cast the one dissenting vote. Huy says there have only been 34 underage marriages since 1999 in Kansas. She says she doesn't want to limit Kansans facing the most important decision of their young lives.

Rep. Huy goes on to worry that the legislation will infringe upon the rights of parents to raise (which, in this context, I take to mean "pimp") their children as they see fit. It's not easy to swim against the current and make a principled stand - but if anyone can figure out how to swim while standing, I'm sure it's Bonnie Huy of Wichita, Kansas. Godspeed!

Update: Good news! If this table is accurate, prepubescents may still marry in Massachusetts.




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