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Monday, January 30, 2006

Help Wanted: United States Senator. Must Be a Democrat. Maria Cantwell Need Not Apply. 

Our spineless junior Senator reverted to form, and voted for cloture. I, for one, will commit here and now to do whatever it takes to have her replaced by a real Democrat. I mean, for Christ's sake - I don't know if Cantwell owns a blue dress, but if she does, I would strongly suggest that we have it analyzed for the presence of chimp semen.

Update 1/31/06: Shaun at Upper Left has taken me to task for this post (I suspect that it was the "chimp semen" line that got him), and invites me to "take a hit from the clue bong." I always appreciate a nifty turn of phrase, and that's a good one. I still don't agree with his enabling of Cantwell (at least, that's how I would characterize it), but his main point is a valid one:
A year from now, the junior Senator from the state of Washington will either be Maria Cantwell (D) or Mike McGavick (R ). Sorry, that's the way it is.

If any of you know of a scenario for Democratic victory that involves losing a Senate seat in the Upper Left, let me see it.

I'm not sure I understand how calling for a primary challenger to Cantwell necessarily amounts to a sacrifice of the currently-Democratic seat, but I appreciate Shaun's comment. Besides, it's not every day that I get a link in the title to another blog post.




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