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Friday, December 09, 2005

Who Needs Brad DeLong? 

Following up on my previous post, another subject I don't know nuthin' about is economics. I thought I understood the basics of supply and demand, until someone pointed out to me that "supply" is not the adverb form of the adjective "supple."

Fortunately, Fafblog! explains everything today in terms even I can understand:
Money starts out in Congress where it rains from Senatorial clouds in the form of torrential tax cuts. It collects in rivers and flows downhill into billionaires and large corporations where it is evaporated by lobbyists and rises into the air in the form a campaign contributions which condense in the atmosphere which turn into Congress again, which rain the tax cuts and start it all over again and the wheel of life rolls on. The Money Cycle is all around us every day! Can you find yourself in the Money Cycle?

That's right! You're the tiny microscopic planktony thing about to get eaten by the octopus! You're right next to the leprechaun with the magical pot of pixie gold who's gonna pay down the national debt.

(BTW, the title of this post is a joke. Fact is, we all need a little Brad DeLong, every day.)




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