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Friday, December 16, 2005

Random 61 Revisited 

I'm kind of cheating today - this selection comes from a playlist composed entirely of songs I have, at one time or another, burned to mix CDs. That doesn't mean, of course, that they're any better than the usual crap.
1. "Born With a Tail" (Supersuckers)
2. "Friday I'm in Love" (Cure)
3. "Gravedigger (live)" (Dave Matthews)
4. "Brother John" (David Lindley)
5. "Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sun Shine In" (Clumsy Lovers)
6. "From the Beginning" (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
7. "Troglodyte" (Jimmy Castor Bunch)
8. "Kitten" (Ass Ponies)
9. "Good As She Could Be" (John Hiatt)
10. "Girls Talk" (Dave Edmunds)

There now - that wasn't so good, was it? Feel free to analyze my pathology in the comments, as usual.




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