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Thursday, December 29, 2005

R U Indicted 2? 

This is interesting:
South Koreans may look at their mobile phones with some trepidation in the new year because prosecutors will start telling people they have been indicted via text messages, an official said yesterday.

In a country where about 75% of the population carries mobile phones, prosecutors decided it was time to move away from sending legal notices on paper and instead send them electronically, said Lee Young-pyo, an administrative official.

"Most people in South Korea have mobile phones, and since the notices don't reach them immediately by regular mail, this is a more definite way for the individuals to know they have received a legal notice," Lee said....

Prosecutors expect to save about 160 million won ($158,000 U.S.) per year by shifting to the service and reducing the number of legal notices it sends through the mail.

Other notices that will be sent by text messages include information on fines and penalties.

Just think how much money we could save this way, if we could convince the entire Republican party to join the same "Friends and Family" plan!




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