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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I remain less than optimistic that the European authorities will follow through with their threats to hold our government accountable for its crimes, but I must admit that the growing barrage of stories like this (in the foreign press, of course; the domestic press remains nearly silent) give me hope:
The German government warned Washington on Wednesday to heed European concerns over allegations of CIA prisons and extra-judicial abductions, or “renditions”, on the continent.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign minister, said he was worried Europe and the US were drawing different conclusions on the best means to fight international terrorism.

In an emergency parliamentary debate on the illegal abduction of a German citizen by the CIA, Mr Steinmeier said Washington “appears to be increasingly aware that it cannot deal lightly with the concerns of its European partners”.

Aw, isn't that cute? They're so adorable when they're humiliated! Anyway, to continue:
His comments came amid growing public disquiet in Europe over alleged CIA activities in Europe. Franco Frattini, the EU's commissioner for justice and home affairs, on Wednesday pledged his full support for an inquiry into whether the CIA maintained “secret prisons” in Europe.

Mr Steinmeier said he was “worried” that Europe and the US were drawing different conclusions – on laws and, more seriously, on broader justice-related issues – regarding the international terrorism threat.

This issue continues to gain momentum in Bonn, in Rome, even in London. It will have to be defused, somehow - it only remains to be seen whether there will be a serious investigation, or a whitewash. My money's still on the whitewash, but one never knows.




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