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Friday, December 09, 2005

Donny "Two Wars" Rumsfeld 

Much as I hate citing the Moonie Times, this is an interesting article:
The Pentagon, in a major four-year decision, has decided to stick with having the capability of being able to fight two major conflicts at once, The Washington Times has learned.

Two officials said that when the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is completed next month, it will retain the requirement that the Pentagon maintain active forces and reserves able to repel and occupy an enemy in one war and defeat a second enemy but not necessarily occupy the capital....

The 2005 QDR, two sources said, generally will endorse the current military strategy known as "1421."

The first number represents defending the home front. The "four" is the ability to deter hostilities in four global regions. The "two" is the overriding requirement to defeat two enemies nearly simultaneously. The final "one" is having the capability of decisively defeating one of those enemies and occupying the country if necessary.

So, that's our problem in Iraq - we're keeping our powder dry, because we can only occupy one enemy nation at a time. We'll do much better in our other war, once we decide who the lucky enemy will be.

The same article features my new favorite Rummyism:
"I think if I had to pull out one lesson that we've learned over the past four or five years, it would be that in the 21st century we're going to have to stop thinking about things, numbers of things, and mass, and think also and maybe even first about speed and agility and precision," he said.

Riiiight. Whatever you say.




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