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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Credit Where It's Due 

I have run hot and cold on my state's junior Senator, Maria Cantwell. I was a big supporter of her efforts on behalf of online privacy in her previous role as a member of the House, but as a Senator she has often disappointed me in her efforts to "triangulate," and sometimes lacks spine.

That said, she deserves some major props for her stand against opening ANWR to drilling:
Sen. Maria Cantwell vowed Monday to keep the Senate in session until the brink of Christmas to defeat legislation that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

"If this language is allowed to stand, one of our nation's most pristine wildlife areas will be lost," Cantwell, a Democrat, said as she outlined plans by her party and its allies to defeat language offered by Alaska Republican Ted Stevens to open ANWR.

"This is nothing more than a sweetheart deal for Alaska and the oil companies," Cantwell said. "That's why I am prepared to use every procedural option available to me as a senator to prevent this language from moving forward."

The showdown is likely to come Wednesday when the Senate is expected to vote to force an end to debate. Sixty votes are needed to break a filibuster that Cantwell has promised. Neither side would say whether it had the votes to prevail.

Call her office (202-224-3441 in D.C., or 1-888-648-7328 from anywhere in Washington State) and give her some love.




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