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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We've Already Established What You Are, Now We're Just Haggling About the Price 

Here's a Google ad that appeared today at Raw Story:
American Medical Association ad featuring Bush

Aside from the disinformation aspect of this thing - it is pretty well established that "frivolous" lawsuits have little if any effect on health care costs, regardless of what phantom poll respondents may think - I wonder: What the hell does the smirking mug of our favorite Empty Flight Suit have to do with the subject? Any thoughts?

Update 11/30/05: In comments, John from Raw Story goes to some lengths to make clear that his site did not approve the ad, and has in fact removed it (I may not have many readers, but apparently some of those I do have are hella cool!). I in turn would like to make clear that I intended no slur against Raw Story - I understood all along that the ad was a more-or-less random placement (based on an automated parsing of key words on the Web site), and never thought for a moment that Raw Story was endorsing the ad. In particular, as I look at it now, it seems to me that a reasonable reader might have thought that the headline to this post was intended to disparage Raw Story, rather than the somewhat greasy folks at the American Medical Association. I apologize for any misunderstanding I may have engendered with my sloppy writing. For the record, aside from some annoying pop-ups, Raw Story rocks - I read it every day, and so should you.




Hey -- just to be clear, we've removed that ad -- Google comes through with ads based on the content of the page, so errant ads may come through from time to time. Thanks.

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