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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This Brownie Actually Was Doing a Heckuva Job 

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, CNN has shown Aaron Brown the door. On the apparent theory that America is in the thrall of Wolf Blitzer, Brown's NewsNight will be replaced by an additional hour of Situation Room.

I know that not everyone loved Aaron Brown - some found his demeanor to be smug - but I have been a fan since his early days as a local anchor at KING-5 here in Seattle. I have followed his career as he reported for NBC at the national level, and then ultimately moved to CNN. His reporting on 9/11 struck, I think, just the right tone (serious, emotionally honest, but not shrill or sensationalized), and NewsNight has continued in that vein. Gently humorous, knowledgable, and always well-prepared, Aaron Brown has been the best thing on CNN since James Earl Jones first recorded the voice-over for the on-air promos. I, for one, will miss him.

So, instead of watching CNN, I will now have only one cable news option (MSGOP and FAUX having long been banned from my viewing regimen) - CNN Headline News. Except when Nancy Grace is doing her harpy routine, it's generally quite watchable. For now.

Update: To clarify, NewsNight's slot will be filled by Anderson Cooper. The extra hour of Blitzer is to fill the resulting hole left in Cooper's place.




I love Aaron Brown and have since the KING5 days. The tone that some people call "smug" is exactly what I liked about him, though I didn't see it as smugness, exactly. More of a cynical thing, and as a cynical girl (heh), I like that.
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