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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Surprisingly Prompt Investigation 

Although our elected leaders are utterly incapable of investigating who sold out Valerie Plame, and completely uninterested in investigating whether the Junta intentionally lied to facilitate Dick & Dubya's Excellent Invasion, they are falling all over themselves to investigate who revealed to the Washington Post that we are now using Soviet gulags to warehouse disappeared prisoners. The best, most concise description of the situation I've seen yet:
House Speaker Denny 'yes, Mr DeLay' Hastert and Senate Majority Leader/insider-trader/douchebag Bill Frist have announced an investigation into who spilled the beans regarding the misadministration's secret international torture camps, even though there are no such thing, and we don't torture people anyway, even if there were.

But wait - that's not the punch line. This is:
Too funny! Hastert and Frist make a big show of calling for an investigation into a leak allegedly affecting national security -- the locations of secret "black site" torture prisons. And then -- BOOM!!! Lott just said, Tuesday afternoon, that he thinks it was a GOP Senator who leaked the info to the Washington Post last week. He says the details had been discussed at a GOP Senators-only meeting last week, and that many of those details made it into the WaPo story.

Money quote from Lott; "We can not remain silent. We have met the enemy, and it is us."

Now watch that investigation slow down to a more typical - i.e., glacial - pace.




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