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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Something That Makes Me Happy 

From Editor and Publisher, via Rising Hegemon (emphasis supplied):
Most Americans believe that U.S. troops or officials have tortured prisoners in Iraq or other countries, and oppose the practice, even if it helps gain information on possible terrorist attacks, the Gallup Organization announced today in releasing poll results.

The survey found that 74% believe the U.S. has tortured prisoners, with 20% disagreeing--with storng [sic] majorities of both Democrats and Republicans holding that view.

Asked if they would be willing to have the U.S. torture suspected terrorists "if they may know details about future terrorist attacks against the U.S.," 56% said no, vs. 38% saying yes. The party gap is bigger here, with only 27% of Democrats signing off on torture in that case, vs. 51% of Republicans.

Gallup pointed out that while President Bush recently said, "We do not torture," most Americans "think otherwise."

While I am not at all happy that over a third of Americans are okay with the notion of torture (nor am I surprised that a majority of Republicans are so inclined, but what's up with the 27% of Democrats who have lost their souls?), I will take my good news where I can get it - a solid majority of my countrymen and -women still possess a core of decency and humanity.

Now, it only remains to discover why a majority of American voters returned the torturers to power last year.




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