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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kanye West Was Too Kind 

It is not enough to say that George Bush doesn't care about black people - the weight of the evidence indicates that he doesn't even know any black people (Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas not excepted).

Consider: According to this hysterical (in that "Oh my God; he didn't!" kind of way) article from the Washington Post (which I found via this diary at DKos), it seems that the Empty Flight Suit's handlers thought it would be a good idea for him to be seen socializing with actual Negroes. So he scheduled a photo op at Howard University, coinciding with (I kid you not) Soul Food Thursday. The Post continues (emphasis supplied):
All he had to do was drop in on Soul Food Thursday, be seen sharing a wing and some collard greens with students -- and score one for the GOP.

But the visit went from bad to worse. On a day when the U.S. Senate passed a resolution paying tribute to civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who died last week, campus security guards were telling students that if they wanted to eat they'd have to come back when the president and first lady were gone, then go to a service door at the rear of the dining hall and ask for a chicken plate to go.

Good Lord. I wonder if there was a special drinking fountain, too. Hell, even Alan Keyes would have known that this was a bad idea.




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