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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

AP: The Sky Is Falling 

I don't mind so much that the Associated Press is griping about the "adult" content in G-rated movies - I mean, since we've solved all other problems, and all - but I do wish that opinion pieces were identified as such or, at least, bylined. Instead, we get a breathless screed about how Disney's Chicken Little is evidence of the end times:
A shotgun-wielding hunter mercilessly pursues his target. Angry space aliens vaporize a defenseless town. A bloodthirsty shark preys on the weak and tiny.

These movie scenes aren't from the latest action thrillers -- they're from G-rated animated films like Disney's new "Chicken Little."

As pop culture mimics today's permissive social values, violence and veiled sexual references have crept into the seemingly innocent cartoon landscape, giving parents new reason to do research beyond the ratings.

Whenever anyone starts going on about "permissive social values," you know they have an agenda. I mean, really - let's do a quick survey: Gays and lesbians are still pariahs, our newest Supreme Court nominee is afraid that women might actually assert an interest in thier own wombs, and a substantial number of people are quite open in their belief that it is a sin to allow women to have sex without bearing the risk of cervical cancer. Of course, in fairness, there is some movement in the culture toward more permissive social values - for instance, among judges in Utah who think they are entitled to multiple wives. Otherwise, though, we still seem to be the same blue-nosed, neo-Puritan, reactionary bunch we've always been - and likely, will always be.




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