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Friday, September 16, 2005

One's Own Petard 

By way of TBogg, I see that the 82d Wingnut Handwriting Analysis and Kerning Corps is at it again. He points to this desperate post at NewsBusters ("Exposing and Combatting Liberal Media Bias"), in which the author frantically searches for some non-embarrassing explanation for Bush's "I Gotta Go Potty!" note. But the author accidentally (I presume) allows the truth to slip in (emphasis supplied):
UPDATE 18:03. Handwriting expert Sheila Lowe on the note:
The word "think" is definitely his. I suppose it's possible that someone could have cut and pasted a couple of words in, but I can't make a better judgment without seeing some of his authentic printing to compare to.

If it is all his writing, the emphasis on certain words (Bath) would suggest, perhaps, a certain . . . urgency? It's pretty much guesswork on that.

On why if the entire note were written by the same person why he/she changed writing styles:
Switching styles mid-note is generally a sign of inconsistency and unnevenness of temperament or behavior. This is often seen in someone who blurts out what they're thinking, or acts out without due consideration.

Let's say it together, class: Ya think?!?




If I had wanted to censor what she said, I could easily have left it out. A mindless Bushbot would have done just that.

I was more interested in finding out what actually happened. As it turns out both Bush and Reuters came off bad.
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