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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Regular readers (now enough to build a medium-sized deck in under 12 hours!) know to count me among those who fail to understand why the nominal-opposition Democratic Party refuses to demonstrate some actual spine when confronted by the sort of incompetence, fanaticism, and corruption that infests the ruling Republican junta. Now, it seems as though I'm part of a trend:
The poll numbers paint a portrait of national frustration with the direction and leadership of the country, which, if not reversed in coming months, is likely to color the environment for next year's midterm elections, putting incumbents in both parties on the defensive.

Dissatisfaction is not limited to the president. Fewer than four in 10 Americans -- 37 percent -- approve of the way the Republican-controlled Congress is doing its job, the lowest rating for lawmakers in nearly eight years.

The survey also provided bad news for Democratic leaders, who are judged as offering Bush only tepid opposition. Slightly more than half of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with congressional Democrats for not opposing Bush more aggressively.

Self-identified Democrats were particularly impatient. More than three in four said congressional Democrats have not gone far enough to oppose Bush on Iraq or on administration policies in general.

"Somebody needs to speak up," said Michelle Burgess, 41, a home health aide in St. Louis. "Enough is enough. I don't understand why we're over there in Iraq or what he's doing on other issues. There are too many lives being lost."

Independents were similarly dissatisfied with Democratic leaders for not challenging the president over the war and other issues, with six in 10 saying Democrats have been too meek.

So, solid majorities among both independents and the Democratic base are becoming increasingly frustrated by quisling Donkeys. And yet we see "centrists" such as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the dessicated ghost of Joe "Joementum" Lieberman named as likely nominees in '08, while firebreathers like Russ Feingold are hidden away in embarrassment.

All I can think is that the Democrats like losing.




At this point, I wish to hell the Independents would field a really strong candidate. Maybe they can find someone like Paul Hackett who will tell it like it is.
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