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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Remind Me - Why Do They Hate Us? 

From the White House press room FOX News:
The Department of Defense has developed a new strategy in counterterrorism that would increase military activities on American soil, particularly in the area of intelligence gathering.

The move is sparking concern among civil liberties advocates and those who fear an encroaching military role in domestic law enforcement.

In an argument that eerily foreshadowed the July London terror attacks, the Pentagon in late June announced its "Strategy for Homeland Defense and Support," which would expand its reach domestically to prevent "enemy attacks aimed at Americans here at home."

...and don't you just love the gratuitous reference to the London bombings? Ooooh - "eerily foreshadowing!" Cue the scary music! Some might think that such blatant fear mongering goes beyond the call of duty, but it's just Murdoch's Minions doing their jobs, before settling in for a good night's rest in their pods.

But really, why stop there? As our intrepid propagandist so demurely implies, "civil liberties advocates and those who fear an encroaching military role in domestic law enforcement" clearly represent an insidious Fifth Column in our very midst. As long as there is even one Trotskyite pussy who questions the legitimacy of random searches, even one crypto-Islamofascist who bristles at national ID cards, even one (or perhaps three) Republican senators who would dare to tie this President's hands in his noble Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism®, we will remain at the mercy of our enemies and/or Hillary Clinton. The risk is grave, and time is running out. Fortunately, the solution is at hand. It will require great sacrifice, and several billion dollars, but the time has come to issue large no-bid contracts to Halliburton for the construction of relocation camps.

You got a problem with that, boyo? Tell it to my little friend:
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Great pic! Who is that, a fox proagandist... i mean journalist?

And love the Scarface quote!

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