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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Perchance to Dream 

I predict that, if and when it is approved and brought to market, employer-funded health plans will have no problem paying for this product:
A drug dubbed CX717, made by Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, California, reverses the biological and behavioral effects of sleep deprivation, according to results of animal studies.

In an article in the research journal PLoS Biology, Dr. Sam A. Deadwyler and his associates propose that CX717 would particularly benefit individuals affected by extended work hours or night shifts....

"The fact that (compounds like) CX717 can temporarily alleviate the effects of prolonged periods of sleep deprivation...indicates their potential applicability to many circumstances in which human performance is compromised by extensive sleep loss," Deadwyler and his associates suggest.

They add that these new agents may be preferable to psychostimulants, caffeine or the relatively new anti-sleepiness drug Provigil, because these "may be limited due to their potential for addiction and/or their potent stimulant actions, which can distort cognitive and sensory processes at doses required to counteract the effects of sleep deprivation."

O, brave new world....




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