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Thursday, August 25, 2005

His Honor 

Spokane mayor Jim West continues to die a political death by slow bleeding:
The Washington State Supreme Court yesterday affirmed a judge's ruling that a recall petition against Spokane Mayor Jim West can proceed.

Just hours after lawyers for West argued that the petition by Shannon Sullivan was factually and legally insufficient, the high court affirmed a lower-court ruling that the document bearing a single abuse-of-office allegation could proceed to signature gathering.

West, you will recall, is the man who built his political career on a platform of "traditional values" - specifically, the worst kind of hateful gay-baiting - only to get caught red-handed cruising for man-meat on the Internet. Worse yet, he appears to have offered lucrative city jobs in exchange for sexual favors. Oops!

Inexplicably, West has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the obvious fact that his career is not only dead, it is cold and putrefying. He has fought against this recall as though he honestly believes he has a future. And indeed, for the short term, at least, he may:
The ruling means recall supporters can begin collecting signatures immediately.

Spokane County Elections Supervisor Paul Brandt said it would be very difficult to get the required 12,600 valid signatures in time for an election this fall.

Brandt said the elections office would have to receive the signed petitions no later than tomorrow, because it will need four weeks to verify them and take other steps necessary to get the recall on the Nov. 8 ballot.

So Jim West may manage to cling to his position for a bit longer - but that just means that the rest of us can enjoy the death watch in the meanwhile.




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