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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shell Game 

Having said something nice (sorta) about Canada earlier today, it's now time to be "fair and balanced" and note that the Great White North also has a dark side:
The National Capital Commission has apologized for banning an alternative-fuel mascot from its Canada Day celebrations at the request of a major oil company.

Corn Cob Bob is the front man for the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, a not-for-profit group that promotes clean energy.

The association had secured an information booth at Major's Hill Park through the NCC, which had even offered a 50-per-cent discount on the usual fees.

But last Wednesday, the commission called to cancel the arrangement after pressure from Shell Canada, a key sponsor for the Canada Day celebrations in the capital....

NCC spokesperson Guy Laflamme says the decision to cancel Corn Cob Bob was not approved by senior management.

"We will make sure this doesn't happen in the future. But once again, we are committed to promoting alternative sources of energy," said Laflamme....

A Shell spokesperson said the company's arrangement with organizers meant it had exclusive rights when it came to fuel products.

Shell produces more than three per cent of the world's oil and gas. On its website's Environment and Society page, the company states, "We have an essential role in finding new ways to meet present and future energy needs in environmentally and socially responsible ways."

Who could possibly feel good about themselves after strong-arming a guy named "Corn Cob Bob?" Disgraceful, eh?




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