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Friday, July 22, 2005

Random (Not Random) 

I awoke unusually early on the morning of July 22, 1995 - that's ten years ago today, for the mathematically challenged - and showered quietly so as to avoid waking the houseguests. I shaved with particular care, hoping to avoid the usual constellation of toilet paper bits stuck all over my face, and put on a simple black tux. I then drove to a charming garden park on Quenn Anne hill where, a short time later and in the presence of damn near everyone I know, my Lovely Fiancé became my Lovely Bride. And so it is that today she finds herself in her present pickle, married to a failed writer and failing lawyer (or should that be the other way 'round?).

Thus, in honor of the second happiest day of my life - I'm sure that no one will take offense if I give a slight advantage to the day our son was born - I have assembled a non-random Random Ten. Here are ten songs from our wedding day:
1. Heaven (Longhouse)
2. The Real One (John Doe)
3. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters and Collectors)
4. I Knew the Bride (Dave Edmunds)
5. Still the Night (BoDeans)
6. Girl of My Dreams (Bram Tchaikovsky)
7. Rock 'n' Roll Girl (The Beat)
8. I Melt With You (Modern English)
9. American Girl (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
10. A Little Is Enough (Pete Townshend)

The first three songs listed here were, respectively, the wedding party processional, the bridal processional, and the recessional. (By the way, the last of these is the only song on the list that I do not actually have on my playlist - I have Neil Finn's version, but not the H&C original - and I really wish I did.) Numbers 4 through 9 are representative of the mix tapes we made together for the reception; a little predictable, perhaps, but we didn't want to traumatize the guests too badly.

Finally, the Townshend song is one that I have always associated with this woman I love, much to her dismay (she does not share my love for Pete Townshend). Here's the first verse:
They say that love often passes in a second
And you never can catch it up
So I'm hanging on to you as though eternity beckoned
But it's clear that the match is rough
Common sense 'd tell me not to try 'n continue
But I'm after a piece of that diamond in you
So keep an eye open
My spirit ain't broken
Your love is so incredible
Your body so edible
You give me an overdose of love
Just a little is enough

Not very "moon/june/spoon," now, is it? Well, no, it isn't - but that's how real life goes. Sometimes the match is rough. Anyone who's been married for ten years (in a row, that is) will tell you that it ain't always easy - and I don't doubt but that my Lovely Bride would be the first to agree. But sometimes, if you're lucky, you find someone who is worth the effort. I just happen to be so lucky.

And so - thank you, sweetheart, for ten wonderful years together. Never, ever doubt that I adore you.

(Next week: Back to the regular boring crap.)




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