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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Who's Desperate Now? 

Really, I read skippy the bush kangaroo every day. I expect no repayment, except in the form of snarky goodness - which skippy serves up like flapjacks, without me even asking.

But here's the deal - skippy hopes to achieve 1,000,000 hits on or about their third anniversary, which is coming right up. And they're getting desperate:
remember, we'll add any blog to our roll that wants to link to skippy the bush kangaroo's radio interview on wrfl, the univ. of kentucky's station, by ben carter of bluegrassroots.org. or any other post on skippy, in pursuit of our goal!

Consider it done.

And, while you're there, read this post and see if you can keep from humming "Pet Sematary" by the Ramones when you're done. By the way - my goal is to get my 1,000,000 hits by the time an actual liberal is elected President. Or by my son's 100th birthday, whichever comes first.




thanks, rod!

i'll gladly put your blog on my roll!
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