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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I have done some updating to my sidebar. I've deleted all the dead links I could find (although I may have missed some; don't hesitate to point out dead links if you find them) and updated some URL's that have changed. I've added a few names to my blogroll, as well - including a couple of non-political blogs that focus on old-fashioned, "skinny tie pop" New Wave music (NYMary's PowerPop and Lost Bands of the New Wave Era, which features cool downloads). I've also added a link to Gen. J.C. Christian's wonderful Operation Yellow Elephant, which you should not miss. Finally, I updated my Amazon.com buckets to reflect the book and DVD I got for Fathers' Day, along with the new Richard Thompson CD.





Hey it's Mark Garrity, shameless blogwhore here. I wrote the College Repub Nat'l. Committee 4 times then Bush & Cheney and even DeLay trying to encourage the cool kids to enlist or at least put up a GoArmy.com link on the CRNC website. If you like a pyschotic who channels Stuart Smalley and Mark Steyn at the same time I think you'll like these missives. JC Christian himself said "it's so good I may have to steal his keyboard." A commenter at Kos said, "Funniest.Diary.Ever" Another at TPM Cafe called it "brilliant". Why not check them all out at:


Then leave me some feedback and let me know what you think, ok? And as always let's keep spreading the word about OYE. Thanks.

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