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Monday, June 06, 2005

Things I Would Blog About If Only I Had the Time 

Very, very busy. No time at all. But if I did have the time, I would be writing up gangbusters about:

Dino Rossi. He's not going to appeal? Wow. The early word - i.e., from my Lovely Bride, who has excellent instincts about this sort of thing - is that his Senate campaign begins now. Anyway, I have not yet read the opinion (like I said, very busy), but it sounds like Judge Bridges laid the smack down:
After the clear ruling from a respected jurist, however, it finally came time for Rossi to order an end to the legal expense and arguments. His decision to walk away from a last-ditch fight was right. But he spoiled his moment of grace with a cheap shot, claiming the "political makeup of the Washington state Supreme Court" would not allow him to prevail on appeal

In fact, as a matter of law, Bridges' ruling could hardly have been more convincing. That's what made it impossible to envision the court overturning his ruling. Bridges simply eviscerated the Republicans' case, systematically rejecting the suggestions that the election was stolen. Worse for those Republicans who will advocate continued appeals, Bridges raised Gregoire's victory margin by four votes, indicating that if he were to make more changes on the basis of the evidence and GOP arguments, the margin of victory would likely grow. All that left Rossi in a position where the public had a right to expect him to exercise wisdom and withdraw.

By the way - Rossi's comment about the political makeup of the Court may have been a "cheap shot," but it was probably accurate.

And, speaking of judicial smackdowns...

Medical Marijuana Loses. Again, I haven't read the opinion yet (no time at all!) - but oh, sweet Baby Jeebus on a Ritz! Please, tell me that the Court didn't just embrace - damn near in the biblical sense - that godawful ruling in Wickard v. Filburn. They did? Aw, crap.

And, speaking of crap...

The Downing Street Minutes. I really must get around to writing about this, because it's important. But until I do, take the initiative to school yourself - go read the Downing Street Memo, and you should also check out After Downing Street. (While you're there, you should sign Rep. Conyers' letter.) Also, for a neat insight, check out Digby's post from a couple days ago. Hint: Digby ties Downing Street to a certain UN Ambassador-nominee who will go unnamed, but his name rhymes with "revoltin'."

And, speaking of nothing in particular...

The Significance of June 6. D-Day, of course, and be sure to thank the poor S.O.B.'s who were there, while there's still a few of them around to thank. But also, June 6 was my mother's birthday. She would have been 66 this year. Happy birthday, Mom.

Seriously - I'm pretty busy these days. I'll be around, I just don't know exactly when.




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