"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." (Mark Twain)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Harder They Fall 

Following up on something I wrote about the other day - just how small and pathetic has this once-great nation become under our current incompetent, criminal administration? This small; this pathetic:
The government of Uzbekistan has restricted U.S. military flights from its soil in recent weeks, the Pentagon said Wednesday, declining to connect the move directly to U.S. criticism of Uzbekistan's violent response to unrest there.

Well, certainly, one can understand why Islam Karimov was put off by the massive pointed criticism coming from Washington, directed at his Stalinist regime. I'm sure that the sight of Secretary of State Condi "Brown Sugar" Rice denouncing his regular and systemic use of torture, rape, and murder as instruments of political control on all the Sunday morning bobblehead shows thoroughly chapped his ass, and then there was that whole episode where the Boy King himself responded loudly and forcefully in a primetime news conference to Karimov's Tiananmen-like slaughter of peaceful protesters....

Wait - none of that actually happened? I made it up? Oh, yeah, that's right! That's how the Bush administration reacted in the Bizarro World! Here in this reality, there was barely a peep from our freedom-loving preznit and his flying monkeys. Still, it was enough to get Karimov's dainty underthings in a wad, and so now he's gonna throw a tantrum (he'll probably have to boil a couple people before breakfast, just to cheer himself up). To which we respond, in essence, "we're not worthy!"

That sound you hear is bin Laden laughing so hard he's peeing himself.




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