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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Flag Day 

At the risk of sounding all maudlin, I really love this flag and the principles for which it stands.:
Old Glory

I love this flag so much that I will keep faith in it, even when it is hijacked by mendacious suckfish and jackbooted zealots. I love this flag so much that I will never forget the sacrifice of the young men and women who fought and died beneath it, especially those sent to their deaths by lying, murdering scum. I love this flag so much that I will try to remain patient with those who, motivated by fear and distracted by bread and circuses, will turn a blind eye to its awful desecration by torturers and war criminals. I love this flag so much that I will even defend your right to burn it if you choose.

This flag, on the other hand, is just dumb:
The proposed US Christian flag

Happy flag day, anyway.




Disregarding the message of that US Christian Flag and just looking at the design: Christ, that's awful. That violates every rule of vexillogical and heraldic design.

Much better, design-wise, is this Christian flag, but its proponents can be awfully silly. "The Christian flag is one of the oldest unchanged flags in the world" is, well, a bit of an exaggeration. Christians, meet Denmark.

BTW, if you are still in touch with Keith Livingston, wish him a happy birthday for me! For some odd reason, I forget all of my niece's birthdays, but I still remember that Keith's was Flag Day.
OK, maybe it doesn't violate every rule. At least the circles stand out against the white background. But still.
Actually, the Danish flag is a Christian flag. :shrug:
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