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Monday, June 13, 2005


This is funny:
Tired rockers Status Quo are begging Bob Geldof to let them play at Live 8 – because they can’t remember the original Live Aid.

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt apparently can’t recall anything much after opening the show in 1985 because they were out of it on drugs and alcohol.

As Ananova reports, Parfitt said: “We didn’t reveal the gravity of Live 8 until we got on the stage… But it was over in a second. None of us remembers much of the day after that.

“Fifteen minutes after coming off-stage, I was completely drunk. I don't remember anything else. So it would be great if we can remember it this time."

Rossi added: "Apparently we were back on stage for the finale of Feed The World. I only know this because I've seen the film of it.

"But I do remember falling off a table with David Bowie just before we went back on."

Here's my question - does anyone remember Status Quo playing at Live Aid? I didn't think so.

By the way, in other Live 8 news, it seems that the most boring, pretentious, self-indulgent band in rock history will be re-forming for the event. Personally, it's enough to make me look forward to hearing Status Quo perform "Pictures of Matchstick Men" over and over again for an entire set, but your mileage may vary.




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