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Monday, June 13, 2005

Am I Howard Dean's Mother? 

Dick "Dick" Cheney has some unkind things to say about Howard Dean:
Vice President Dick Cheney slammed Democratic Party boss Howard Dean as "over the top" in a television interview to air on Monday, saying Dean had helped Republicans more than Democrats.

"I think Howard Dean's over the top. I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does," Cheney told Fox News Channel.

"So far, I think he's probably helped us more than he has them. That's not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party," Cheney said.

Cheney's attack was the latest in a chorus of Republican complaints about the Democratic National Committee chairman, who recently said Republicans "never made an honest living in their lives" and were "pretty much a white, Christian party."

Let's pause for a moment to correct some sloppy reporting - Dean never said that Republicans in general never made an honest living in their lives. Such a statement would be inaccurate. What Dean actually said (according to the GOP-mouthpiece Moonie Times) is that many Republicans never made an honest living in their lives. Properly quoted, Dean's remark is well supported by the available evidence.

Anyway, Cheney ought to get out more - perhaps if he left his undisclosed location, he would meet some of the large number of people who do, in fact, love Howard Dean. Hell, even I am beginning to love Howard Dean, and I can usually tolerate Democrats only as lesser evils.

And here's another reason to love Howard - dig his response to Cheney's petulant carping (via Atrios):
"My view is FOX News is a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party and I don't comment on FOX News," Dean said. That was in response to vice president Dick Cheney calling Howard Dean "over the top" on Fox News on Sunday.

In just one short sentence, Dean manages to diss Cheney, FOX, and the Republican Party. You don't have to be Howard Dean's mother to love a thing like that.




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