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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You Know, You Would Be Happier If You Just Watched More TV 

The ever-insightful (and I'm sure quite comely, if a bit salty) Maru at WTF Is It Now?!? asks:
Have you noticed FOX has all the characters on '24' saying "Noo-kyew-ler"?

Why - yes, I have.

I'm not quite sure that it's all the characters, or even a majority, but just last night I noticed that it came up a couple of times, and it was really annoying. It was one of the many things about last night's episode that pissed me off, along with:
(a) I understand that's supposed to be a "stealth" cruise missile, whatever that may be, but is it really completely invisible? I mean, we can't even see a "heat signature" or something (that always works on Star Trek)?

(b) And is it just me, or is that missile slower than molasses in January? Christ, it's been in the air for a couple of weeks now! A '65 Dodge Dart would get to its target faster than that!

(c) Is the Speaker of the House really so dim that he thinks we ought to evacuate every freakin' city on both coasts? At five in the morning?

(d) How come everyone is always going on about how quickly they have to act - no time to think about what we should do, let's just do something right now! - but they have plenty of time to blab on and on and on about their pathetic "relationship issues"?

(e) Wouldn't Tony have just blown that poor faceless SOB away to get to the femme fatale? Was he really surprised that she just killed him (the guy making SAG scale, not Tony) after she pinky-swore she wouldn't? And doesn't he (Tony, I mean, not the SAG-scale dude) deserve to get killed, just for being such a whiny little moron?

And so on. And, yeah, that "noo-kyew-ler" thing was pretty irritating, too.




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