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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Satire Gets More Difficult Every Day 

Surely, you followed the story of the baptist pastor in Waynesville, North Carolina, who led the purging of all Democrats from the congregation (he has since resigned, and taken his pet lunatics with him).

As charming as the story is, however, it made me feel sad for the poor writer at the Weekly World News whose satire just couldn't keep up with reality:
While many evangelicals consider George W. Bush to be the most religious President in a long time, a Texas minister is taking it a big step further: He's open The First Church of George. W. Bush.

Minister Phillip Gomez says, "Bush is God's messenger on Earth. It's clear that God put Bush in the White House to do his bidding.

"Look at the evidence: Bush didn't even win the election in 2000, and yet God found a way to put him in office. Plus, Bush is infallible. He's been asked a number of times to name something he's done wrong, and he can't think of a single thing.

"And look at the symbolism. Metaphorically Bush spent forty years wandering in the 'desert' of being a drunken frat-boy.

Then he was saved."

Gomez's church is marked by a huge "W" on the outside, along with a Bush quote, "I want to make the pie higher for all people."

On the church altar is an 18-foot-tall figurine of an angry Bush with steam shooting out of his ears. That shows, Gomez says, "The burning Bush."

Gomez says "Anyone is welcome to worship, although I doubt we'll get many Democrats in here."

Although events have overtaken fiction, I still get a kick out of that "burning Bush" gag.




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