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Thursday, May 05, 2005

No Sense of Decency 

Following up on something I mentioned the other day, I see that the putsch at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is even worse than I thought. From Hullabaloo (internal links omitted; emphasis in the original):
I would imagine that most people have heard of Walter Winchell, the McCarthyite radio commentator and newspaper columnist. Fewer of you have probably heard of another influential McCarthyite radio commentator and newspaper columnist of the period, Fulton Lewis Jr. But, you should probably read up on him a little bit because it's actually going to be important in your own life right here and now....

In any case, what makes Mr Fulton, long dead and mostly forgotten, important you you, my friends, is that his ghost writer for five years was none other than William Schultz, one of the new ombudsmen for the Public Broadcasting System.

I'm not kidding. The man who wrote Joe McCarthy's stongest supporter's newspaper column is now on the payroll of the corporation of public broadcasting as an ombudsman.

Give it two years, and any difference between PBS and Fox will be discernable only by means of delicate scientific instruments.




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