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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Crisis of Faith 

I had not noticed this, but now that it's been brought to my attention I'm both frightened and furious.

Edward at Obsidian Wings notes that Vice President Dick "Dick" Cheney has taken to describing Democrats as people of "the other faith." For instance:
[T]here are a number of members of Congress of the other faith who have said that we don't need to do anything [about Social Security].

Or this, from a 2003 campaign appearance:
And all of you who are out there living every day with numerous spokesmen for the other faith, here in Iowa....

Even the plants in the audience, feeding Cheney his lines, are in on the act:
My question is, I watched the press conference the other night with the President, and it seems like when the two of you come up with serious ideas that those from the other faith, in the other party, all they do is demonize and, in many cases, just lie and try to divide the older generation, our grandparents from us, those in our 30s.

And again:
Good morning, Vice President Cheney. I'd like to ask a question. This morning you've really delineated very well a lot of points in the program and what you and the President want to do. Could you delineate for us, because I think we have a little bit of an easy audience this morning on convincing us of this program -- could you delineate out a few other points from the other side, or the other faith, differences maybe in what you're saying this morning, and maybe what they're saying or not saying?

Now, I suppose it's theoretically possible that "the other faith" could be considered a kind of metaphor, a fanciful description of people with political views that differ from Cheney's. And, if you believe that's what is really going on here, I have a Crystal Cathedral to sell you. The Junta has been consistently shrewd (if terribly cynical) about using religious imagery and language for rhetorical effect, and the desired effect in question is not hard to identify. They want to let their base know that there are two kinds of people in America - Christians and traitors - and that the Bush Administration can be counted upon to take sides.

Listen for this, and every time you hear it, remember one thing - our present rulers know that it is in their political self interest to foment a culture war. They started it; it's up to us to finish it. Expect no mercy, and give no quarter.




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