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Monday, May 09, 2005

Blame It On the Bossa Nova 

Now here's some real journalism:
Sex rarely makes the news in Brazil's conservative Northeast — until a small town declared an official Orgasm Day on Monday.

Espertantina Mayor Felipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he said was intended to improve relationships between married couples.

Let me pause here to note that either (a) the AP writer made an error here, and meant to say "intended to improve relationships within married couples," or (b) Orgasm Day will be followed in short order by Swinging Day (or, perhaps, the other way 'round). Anyway, to continue:
"We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, especially in marriage," Santolia said by telephone from Esperantina, 1,300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

Santolia said the remote town of 38,000 people has been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years, but that the town's former mayor had vetoed a bill making it an official municipal holiday.

The city council passed a law Saturday creating the holiday. Santolia, who took office earlier this year, said he would sign the bill later Monday.

Alrighty, then. All that remains is to discover how, exactly, residents have "been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years" (I thought we were supposed to call a doctor if we had a four-hour erection), and the story will be fully covered.




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