"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." (Mark Twain)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Accessorizing With Reynolds Wrap Again 

All dogs go to heaven, but certain Republicans will not be joining them. Clinton Curtis, the programmer who claims to have been assigned the task of building a prototype vote-rigging program (and who testified before Congress about it yesterday) has apparently received a particularly disgusting message:
Mr. Curtis' dog was shot and killed a few hours after I published my original story on the BRAD BLOG. This is the second time that Mr. Curtis has been the apparent victim of intimidation through such tacticts [sic]. Another one of his dogs was killed in 2002.

I hate that I find myself wondering what's really going on when I hear stories like this one. But - it cannot go unmentioned that Mr. Curtis' dog is the second party involved with the vote-rigging story to suffer an untimely end; the first was Ray Lemme, an investigator from the Florida DOT who was hounding Curtis' employers at Yang Enterprises when he was found dead by an apparent suicide in a Georgia motel room - a room he allegedly checked into while he was clearly still in Florida.

In other, unrelated (?) tinfoil-hat news, I note with sadness the passing - again, apparently by suicide - of Gary Webb, the award-winning investigative reporter who broke the story detailing connections between the CIA and America's crack cocaine epidemic. In this instance, I do not doubt that Webb actually killed himself - no one really had any incentive to see him dead, since his family and career had already been destroyed.

Can I just say, once again and for the record, that I despise the people who make it so easy for me to think the worst about these sorts of stories?




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