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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's now 3:30 PM PST, and the polls are still open everywhere. As a result, any returns we are seeing so far are meaningless. Having said that - turnout appears to be huge, just about everywhere. As predicted by almost everyone, the Pachyderms are attempting to muck about with the voters in several key parts of the country (paging Jim Crow; please pick up the very white courtesy phone), but with little effect so far. Early returns are promising in the key states of PA, OH, and FL.

If you have not yet voted, do it now.

Personally, I voted at about 7:15 AM. This is unusual for me; I usually vote on the way home from work. I took The Boy with me, because I hope to instill in him the same awed reverence for voting that I got from my owm parents when they took me to the Butte Civic Center all those years ago. I remember the oh-so-cool (if not entirely dependable) lever type voting machines, and I remember the kids' machine where you could vote for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. I want my son to have the same sort of associations with voting that I grew up with. Nick was responsible for dropping off his mother's absentee ballot, which he did - brilliantly. He's so precocious!

There were no lines at my polling place, but that's no surprise. My neighborhood tends to vote about 50% absentee, and it's not at all uncertain how my neighbors will vote (they'll go about 85% Kerry, 10% Nader, and 5% Bush - I'm not kidding). Still, all the booths were full, and the poll workers said that turnout was the highest they had seen. Another good sign.

Me, I'm chewing my fingernails off to the quick. But that's just me.




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