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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

God Bless the Child 

I have no comment on this story:
An Omaha Marine died in Iraq on the same day his wife gave birth.

Corporal Shane Kielion, 23, was killed in action Monday. His wife, April, gave birth to a son Monday, too.

Kielion was a 1999 graduate of Omaha South High School. He played quarterback on the school’s football team. He wore No. 1 and was the team captain....

After high school, Shane married his high school sweetheart -- April -- and joined the Marine Corps.

"He wanted to make a difference. He was committed to the Marines, committed to his country, committed to his family," [South High football coach Jay] Ball said. "His last words to me were, 'Coach, I'm going back to Fallujah and I'm gonna kick some ass.'"

Kielion's son was born just hours after he died.




One child dead, another born and about to grow up without a father, and George W. Bush feels good because this is the right thing to do. Yeah, I always feel better when I murder someone and throw their family into turmoil...how does he sleep at night?
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