"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." (Mark Twain)

Monday, October 04, 2004

This Is Why America's Crack Intelligence Services Are Second to None 

The Porter Goss regime at the CIA is getting off to a bang-up start. From Reuters:
The man named by the new CIA director for the third-highest position at the agency said on Monday he would not take the job following reports that he was caught shoplifting more than two decades ago.

"As a result of recent press articles and attendant speculation, I have decided that I cannot accept an appointment as CIA's executive director," Michael Kostiw said in a statement.

He will however work at the agency as a senior adviser to the new director, Porter Goss, the former Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

When reached for comment, Director Goss complained, "Jeez, how could we ever have discovered such a thing? It's not like we're a bunch of spies around here or anything."

Two things about this story I love: First, note that while Kostiw will not be named to the position of executive director, he will remain on the payroll as a "senior advisor." In this context, "senior" seems to mean "anyone whose criminal activity dates from the Reagan administration or earlier." Second, I think that Mr. Kostiw has a career in spin management ahead of him - notice how he doesn't deny his history as a petty thief, he simply characterizes it as "allegation" and "speculation." Brilliant! Along the same lines, Paul Wolfowitz is now talking about the "speculation" that his reflection appears in no known mirror, and George W. Bush himself is addressing the "allegations" that he was ever elected President.




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