"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." (Mark Twain)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Spy Who Dissed Me 

Here's a good story from the Concord (NH) Monitor:
Retired CIA intelligence analyst Ray McGovern knows more than he can say. He won't talk, for instance, about what was discussed behind closed doors on the mornings when he would issue President George H.W. Bush his daily intelligence briefings.

McGovern spent 27 years in a position where secrecy was part of his job description. But for the last few months, he and a group of other former tight-lipped agents have been speaking out. Now he is asking others who are still within the system to break through layers of classification to leak what McGovern said is the truth about the war in Iraq and the junior Bush administration.

McGovern spent the latter half of last week touring the state. He gave presentations at Dartmouth College and in Rochester during the week and at the South Congregational Church in Concord Friday night.

He and his fellow whistleblowers call themselves Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. The group has about 45 members and has expanded since it first began in January 2003 to include not just CIA analysts but also former State Department employees and members of the FBI.

The former analysts sought each other out just before the start of the declared war on Iraq because, like their name implies, they needed a sanity check, McGovern said. They needed to compare notes on what they saw going on in the Bush administration and in the media.

This is important. The honorable professionals who actually gather and analyze intelligence - which the Junta then cherry-picks and distorts to meet its own ends - know better than anyone what a moronic distraction Dick & Dubya's Excellent Invasion has become. Hell, they knew beforehand that Chimpy was about to step into something stinky; that he was at best deluded, and at worst actively lying. But the White Whale must be hunted (or the missing strawberries located, if you prefer), and so we're now knee deep in a quagmire. Let's wish McGovern and his colleagues luck, as they try to spread their message far and wide.




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