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Monday, October 04, 2004

REVEALED: White House Circulates Obviously Forged Document! 

From Raw Story's affiliated Blue Lemur site comes this smoking popgun:
A newly released document from President George W. Bush’s military records lends credence to rumors that the recent flap over ‘forged memos’ was in fact engineered from within the White House, RAW STORY has learned.

At the very least, the timing of the release shows that the White House deliberately withheld a genuine document which contained the characteristics of the memos which are said to have been forged. From the beginning, Bush’s supporters have claimed that typewriters of the period could not produce the documents.

It’s also the fourth time the White House has released Bush documents since they said they had released all of Bush’s non-medical documents. White House communications director Dan Bartlett told the Washington Post that he had put out “absolutely everything” he had of Bush’s nonmedical military records in February.

The document in question was released to an independent researcher as part of a Freedom of Information Act request in 2000, but was not made available to the general media until the White House released it – under a federal court order after a lawsuit by the Associated Press – on Sept. 24.

The document is a memo written to Bush notifying him of his promotion to First Lieutenant. Dated Feb. 19, 1971, it was typed more than a year before the first of the CBS memos.

And, like the CBS memos, this document uses a proportionately spaced font and has the characteristics of a document produced on contemporary computers using Microsoft Word. Proportionately spaced fonts, in which characters had different widths, replaced older typewriter fonts in which all the characters were of the same width.

We all know, thanks to the tireless efforts of that certain Republican functionary who calls himself "Buckhead" (rhymes with...), that no typewriters available in the 1970's were capable of printing proportionally spaced fonts. Therefore, Q.E.D., ipso facto, the White House document is a crude forgery. Let's get Dan Rather on the story, stat!




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